Hygiene and Safety Concerns Surrounding Cooked Rice

Cooked Rice

When it comes to food poisoning, people are, in general, familiar with the risks surrounding fish and chicken. But you really need to be careful with rice too. You can easily get food poisoning if you do not store cooked rice correctly after cooking, by either maintaining the correct temperature,…

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How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress


To say the least, choosing the best memory foam mattress in 2015 is no easy task. Indeed, there are plenty of memory foam mattresses available in the market which makes choosing the best a little more difficult. But not to worry though, there are many ways how you can choose…

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The Eco-Friendly Guide to Generators

Eco-Friendly Guide to Generators

When I say this is an Eco-Friendly guide to generators, you may have a vision of joining Greenpeace, wearing hippie clothes and chaining yourself to a fence or climbing a tree and singing ‘we shall not be moved’ for one cause or another. Although it is your choice if you…

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