Different Types of Chandeliers Explained

If you desire something cool and trendy, which would also add a bit of bling to your living area, chandeliers is the way to go. It has often been called the ornament of the house and its popularity has never dimmed. It has always been in demand whether yesterday or today.

beautiful-lowes-chandeliers-for-home-lighting-fixture-and-dining-room-decoration-ideas-beautiful-lowes-chandeliers-enhance-your-room-interior-amazon-chandeliers-lowes-chrome-chandeliersThe advantage of using a chandelier is that it could provide some innovation to your house. For example, consider the lighting. You may not prefer tube lights. You would like a softer tone in your reading area. Chandelier would serve the purpose.

Be sure however that the chandelier is placed in a proper position as the place where this decorative piece is installed could very well determine the overall look and feel of your room.

The chandeliers come in three sizes:

  • Chandeliers-Indoor-LightingSmall
  • Medium
  • Large

The small chandeliers have gained popularity especially because women adore such a thing of beauty being placed in their powder rooms.

The medium chandeliers can be placed either in:

  • The living room
  • The dining room
  • The master bedroom

The large chandeliers on the other hand should be reserved for large dining rooms and .

While inviting guests into your house make sure that the chandelier isn’t placed in such a way as it would block the view of people. It shouldn’t bump into the heads of people every time they stand up or sit down. Most chandeliers are provided with an adjustable chain for this purpose, so the height can be adjusted as per the requirement. People are extremely choosy when it comes to picking the right chandelier.

There is a variety of chandeliers for this purpose:

  • KAT1850Chandelier with shades:
    This is the most common type of chandelier, which is made up of either fabric or glass shades.
  • Tiered chandeliers:
    Tiered chandeliers have a strong and commanding presence and are fit for those individuals, who wish to make an impression.
  • Candelabra chandeliers:
    These things of beauty are a dear! When viewed from a height, it gives the impression that real live candles are placed on them.
  • Crystal chandeliers:
    When we think about chandeliers, this type comes to our mind. They could be quite elaborate, but they needn’t be so. Simple designs with few crystals could work as well.

As can be gathered from above, there are quite a number of designs to choose from, however care should be taken when choosing the lighting as well because the kind of lights you buy will determine the ambience that would be created in your house.

700_ripple-chandelier-globesUse a warm colour white light bulb for dining rooms and bedrooms, while a brighter colour could be used in workplaces or kitchens.

There are still a lot of other things to consider before investing in a chandelier. For example, other than the previously mentioned styles, beaded chandeliers and reversible chandeliers are an extraordinary option. You would also have to make sure that the ceiling can support the weight of the chandelier and the voltage system is well suited for your decorative item.

If you are still confused as to what kind of chandelier is best suited for your home or require help in the installation, seek the assistance of a professional.