Enjoy An Exquisite Chandelier As A Primary Light Source

If you are looking for a regular lighting source, ceiling lamps may be a sufficient choice. However, for a more dramatic and decorative purposes, a chandelier makes for a perfect choice. You should keep in mind that choosing the right type of a chandelier for a room is more difficult than it may seem at first.

What is the difference between the ceiling lamp and a chandelier?

aa005While a regular ceiling lamp only requires a single light bulb and is easily suspended to the ceiling, a chandelier has multiple bulbs, in addition to the crystalline decorations which often adorn and surround the complex of bulbs.

This makes the entire entity much heavier, so the suspension chain needs to be longer and much more heavily fortified.

Are there any differences in placement?

aa009Usually, a ceiling lamp will fit, almost being flat against the ceiling. The chandelier will hang off of it, so you need to know exactly how much space it is going to take, once hung.

This doesn’t only apply to the chandelier, but to the objects inside of the room as well. It may apply to the height of the dining room table, bed, and the height between the floor and the ceiling.

Where do I place a chandelier?

bbf-img-copertina-kocoA chandelier has more of a representative role. It should be placed somewhere, where it will be able to make an impact on the overall décor of the room. According to this, you shouldn’t place it inside of your bathroom, for more reasons than one.

Most prominently, it isn’t quite the best aesthetic choice you can make, but more importantly, the cables which connect it to the ceiling are not waterproof.

Is maintenance too complicated?

bembo_venetian_chandelierOwning a chandelier will require you to clean it from time to time. Of course, before you do, be absolutely sure to turn off the electricity before you do this. If you clean it regularly, dusting will most likely be all that it takes to make your chandelier sparkly clean.

If you haven’t had the time to clean it for an extended period, you could make a mixture of detergent and warm water. Dip a corner of a common cloth into it, make sure that it is only mildly wet, and then thoroughly scrub over the chandelier.

Any tips for the dining room?

blog-imgIf you are planning to place a chandelier in the dining room, make sure that it is above the dining table. Even more so, to gain the maximum aesthetic effect, try to make it so that it hangs above the very center of the dining room table.

How do I get started?

Chandelier-Collage1Now that you know what you should expect out of a chandelier, perhaps you would feel more open towards getting one. It isn’t really going to require any special care or work, but you should clean it from time to time. The only thing left for you to do is to make a selection.