My Day at the Ballpark: Hanging Out with the Blue Jays

On a recent trip to Canada, I found myself in Toronto for the week. I knew that I was going to be taking part in some pretty awesome events, which is pretty apparent whenever you’re going across the border. I have plenty of friends in Canada that were always talking about the sporting industry there, and it made me wonder if it was really any different than the one we have here in the United States. They have a few major teams to take into account, all of which are doing rather well right now. The would be the only exception, even though they’re the team that has the most dedicated fan base. I decided that I was going to go to a baseball game, because it was the sport that I understood the most. I love the feeling of a cold spring night touching my hair, as well as having a cold beer in my hand, waiting for the first inning to start up.

canada-day-tripI’m originally from Boston, and there are a lot of baseball faithfuls around that community. There are multiple teams in New York, so the baseball market is really as crazy as it could get. That’s one of the reasons why I love baseball so much, because I grew up with it throughout my entire life. I feel like a brand new person whenever I step into the stands – it feels like the air is fresher than ever before (almost like the entire stadium was making use of this list by Plenty Air), and I get all giddy. It feels like I’m a little kid again, and I wanted to experience that when I was visiting Toronto. You don’t get to do those kinds of things whenever you’d like, so I took advantage of the opportunity I had.

I love the game of baseball because:

  • canada-flag-niagraIt allows me to escape reality in a sense, I honestly feel like I’m a major portion of the team whenever I find myself in those stands
  • It’s a past-time that plenty of people have enjoyed before I was even born, so I’m just trying to keep that tradition alive
  • It was instilled in me ever since I was little, I was always the one who wanted to hit triple and home runs in the little leagues!
  • It shows you some sort of support when nothing else can – baseball is always there for you

The Game

Canada-flightsThe game itself was a great one, as it was the Boston Red Sox vs. Toronto Blue Jays. I got to cheer on my hometown team, but I got to experience the game in a different location. Let’s start off with the field, because the Rogers Center (which is where the Toronto Blue Jays play their games) is pretty nice. I was expecting something a little lackluster, but I was definitely surprised with how well put together the Toronto arena was. The Boston Red Sox started off strong, and David Ortiz (who is one of my favorite players, by the way) was able to land a big shot to the bleachers during the second inning. That gave them a 2-0 lead, which eventually lead to the win for the Red Sox.

The atmosphere was pretty amazing, as everybody was fired up. I wasn’t the only Red Sox fan in the stands as well, which was nice to see. I didn’t feel like an isolated man – and that’s the worst feeling possible whenever you’re at a baseball game. The game itself can be longer than 3 hours, so imagine what it would feel like to sit down and get taunted for well over half of a shift at work.

Coming Home

leuchturm-in-kanadaWhen I was coming home, I was able to reflect on my journey. I pondered whether or not I would ever find myself back in Canada. If I did, I wondered whether I would get the chance to cheer on my home team (in the Boston Red Sox) once again – but I supposed there are better things I could be doing on my trip up North. I built some respect for a lot of the Blue Jays players, especially when it cam to Josh Donaldson. He’s actually amazing when you get the chance to see him in real life, so that was a blessing in its own right. Check out Canada if you ever get the chance, you’ll probably love it.