The Very Best Acoustic Guitars

Here an overview of acoustic guitars that have proven to be the best over the years:

Alhambra 3C


This guitar was hand crafted in Spain. I bought it because it caught my eye and is so beautifully crafted with a solid red Cedar top, laminated mahogany sides, back and neck, Indian Rosewood fingerboard, and nickel plated heads.


acousticguitarsI am a beginner graduating towards intermediate and this is perfect for me.  This guitar has a wonderful tone and as with some acoustic guitars where you cannot hear them without an amp. This has no such problem, it is loud.

After some trial and error I now use high-tension nylon strings (obviously this choice is very personal) and I must say this has improved the tone considerably.

The Alhambra 3C has a really mellow sound, placement is good and I find it fun to strum and this model has easy differentiation between strings when finger-picking.

I tried a lot of similar higher end models and in my opinion, I would save your money, this guitar is way better.

Overall in summary:

This guitar is tough and durable, I have used it on and off for 2 years and there is not a mark on it. I have honestly had no problems with it (as with some others I use from time to time) I would thoroughly recommend it. It is a joy to use.

Fender DG – 60


The Fender DG-60 acoustic guitar has 20 frets, with sonokeling fingerboard,  and the finish is polyurethane, natural gloss. It features a black pickguard, , dual-action truss rod, dot position inlays, and a Fender logo in Gold silkscreen.


dv020_jpg_jumbo_516421The sound and tone on this guitar is actually quite good. I wanted to play about with the strings to change the tone and I started using Elixir strings it made one hell of a difference.

It has an amazing full, exciting tone and I think you cannot only use it at home for personal use, I believe it is good enough to gig with, if you are that way inclined. Just experiment with the strings until you get the tone you are  happy with, then go for it!

Overall Summary:

elecro_acoustic_guitarThis guitar was advertised as a beginners guitar, so to be honest I was not expecting any more than that but the ease of finger placement and the depth of tone and sound make this guitar so much more. Of course, it is a perfect model to start playing with and as a beginner you would have been spoiled, as you become more advanced you would not want to replace it, it is so easy and comfortable to get used to and play so there would no need to replace it as you become a more experienced guitar player. It is a perfect guitar in my opinion and I struggle to put it down. I just cannot get enough of it.

Gibson – Hummingbird


guitar1-soundboardBuilt in 2008 my Gibson Hummingbird has 20 frets and is an acoustic guitar that has 20 frets. It has a solid sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, it is beautifully designed which is great as my stand for it is in my main living room. Even though it only has one strap button, it is totally solid. I occasionally gig with it and not exactly careful and it doesn’t have a mark on it, which frankly is a miracle and a testament to the way it has been lovingly hand made.


At my gigs I play different types of Folk music and Blues. This guitar has a great, very even sound to it, overall. The bass is excellent and it has great highs and mids. Unplugged this guitar is loud. This is the best unplugged guitar I have ever played and I don’t say that lightly,  have used 100’s of guitars over the years.

Overall Impression:

taylorI cannot tell you how amazing this guitar is.  It is beautifully designed as well as hard wearing. It is so comfortable and easy to play. The sound is fantastic and I gig using this guitar all the time and always favour it over the others I own.

I have heard that you sometimes have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince and I have tried out and used many, many guitars. This is the prince of guitars, actually no, the king of guitars.

I cannot fault it as all, try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

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