A Few Unwritten Rules To Think About When Buying A Chandelier

Selecting the perfect chandelier for your home is piece of cake if you do your homework. Some people are still undecided whether their rooms deserve a chandelier or a more . Both of these ideas might work though, yet there is a slight difference. A chandelier can work in a traditional or futuristic room. It can be installed anywhere, including the entryway or bathroom. On the other hand, most lighting solutions are limited, so they can only work in specific themes or decors. Before moving on with a chandelier, you have to decide on a material or a color. They should dominate the room if you truly want a good final result. What draws most of the attention in the room? What kind of atmosphere are you trying to achieve? The traditional style asks for more ornamented chandeliers. Modernist styles obviously demand simple details. But then, there are also a few unwritten rules to pay attention to.

Lighter is better

9008_1_Generally speaking, lighter is righter. Remember that not all kinds of lights work for every chandelier. If you make a wrong decision, you risk obtaining a terrible and disturbing effect. No one wants to feel blinded by an excruciating light while dining. Clear bulbs are good for models with exposed lighting bulbs. The enclosed type can easily accommodate crystals because they boost the sparkle. Frosted bulbs might be a little rare, but they are great in models with linen shades. They will not come up with any shadows at all.

Weight must be double checked

chandeliersAt the same time, it is said that weight is everything. A lot of people sacrifice the weight for the design, which is a very common mistake. A heavy chandelier in a small room asks for plenty of support too. If it is heavier than 40 or 50 pounds, you better make sure that it is properly fitted into the structure of the ceiling. The electrician installing it (in case you are not doing it yourself) will be aware of the general considerations, so they can advise you correctly. It might be a good idea to ask about it anyway, just to make sure.

How about the surroundings?

Lighting-modern-chandeliers-with-five-trumpet-lampsAnother common rule claims that more is more. Installing a chandelier and not complimenting it with other accessories is a bad idea. You do not want it to stand alone. Just like a star on the sky, it obviously needs some support and extra characters around it. After all, it cannot properly light the entire room. Invest in a few other small lighting fixtures here and there. Floor lamps, sconces and other fixtures should be adjusted according to the theme and the design you are trying to achieve.

Wild & free

Mini-ChandeliersFinally, give yourself a little freedom as well. Do not be afraid to experiment. You need a deep imagination too, only to imagine crystal chandeliers from magazines inside your home. They will obviously look different once installed in your unique environment. Therefore, try to picture them upfront, whether you see them in local showrooms or various websites. Do not forget about the sizing either.